Thursday, September 20, 2012

Basic manners for mountain hiking

   Here are some basic rules that can help make mountain hiking a more enjoyable activity for everyone.

①Greeting other climbers
Try to acknowledge other climbers you meet by a simple “konnichiwa” or awave of the hand if you are too tired to say hello.
②Don’t play music or listen to the radio loudly

③On narrow pathways
If routes become narrowand it is difficult for people to pass one another, people climbing up generally have priority, although it is important to be aware that people coming down may sometimes find it difficult to stop or slow down. Try to find a safe place to wait where the path is wide enough to pass one another. Beware of slippery or unstable edges while you are waiting.
④Tidy up
Take your rubbish home with you.You are not supposed to wash dishes or rice in the river. It is often enough to wipe up dishes with paper towels.
   These simple rules are not difficult to follow and they create a better environment for you and for other people.
Taken from vol.38 PDF

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