Monday, September 3, 2012


sweetfish fishing
   Autumn, a good season to start new things, maybe you’d like to try something new but haven’t figured out what yet. I recommend fishing as a way to experience the changing of the seasons while surrounded by the abundance of nature in Kochi.

   River fishing in Kochi is known for amago (red-spotted trout) and ayu (sweetfish) fishing. Fishing for ayu is especially famous, known for its unique technique of using one ayu to catch another, as the target ayu tries to protect its territory by attacking the bait ayu who has a hook trailing behind it.

   But in consideration of those who are thinking about taking up fishing, let’s talk about ocean fishing.
Pony fish
   If you are a beginner, how about trying to catch cuttlefish with a lure from a quay in Urado bay? Or pony fish by sabiki-fishing? Fishing points are all over the gulf, but I recommend Urado, Niida, and Akamatsu. The fish you can catch depend on the area, but include fish such as: kurodai (black sea bream), kisugo (smelt-whiting), chinu (young black sea bream), oki-bora (mullet), and hirame (flounder). Hirame will be particularly delicious this time of year.

   If you’re interested, there is boat fishing, fishing from small island points, or even fishing on an anchored raft in a gulf. They have a transport service to take you to fishing points in the morning, and pick you up in afternoon. Please check with a fishing shop for more details.

   You can take it easy all day long, or try for a big haul, it’s up to you. The point is to surround yourself with nature to refresh your body and mind, then you’ll discover something new, or at least catch that night’s dinner.

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  1. Amazing place.Sounds like you had an great and successful adventure fishing experience,Great blog!

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