Thursday, September 20, 2012

Essentials for mountain climbing

   In the summer it can be hot and in the winter it can get very cold, so it is best to dress accordingly. Long sleeves and long trousers are essential in and out of season. In summer clothing made from sweat-absorbent, quick-drying material is ideal, in the winter clothes that will help you retain your body heat are essential. In the spring and autumn, you might want to pack a light down jacket as the temperature can change all the time.

   Even if the weather forecast tells you the chance of rain is 0 percent, it is always best to pack your waterproofs. They can also provide added protection from wind and cold.

   It is important to find the right size of backpack. If you are carrying one that doesn’t fit you, it can cause you pain and fatigue. If you are buying a new backpack, try on several different ones to find the one which best fits your body. If you’re not sure which one is best, ask the shop staff.
   For a one day trip to a low /average mountain, you will probably need a 20-25L backpack. For an overnight trip you will need a middle size backpack with at least a 30-50L capacity.

☆Food and Drink☆
   It’s good to pack something you like, but if you’re planning a climb that will be long and hard, it’s good to pack something that can be eaten little by little,whenever you can take a break.
   Pack some emergency foods like chocolates, bananas, jellied drinks etc, in case something happens and you get stuck and are unable to proceed with your plan.
   Be sure to bring plenty of water. At least a litre of water per day is necessary. Lack of water causes not only dehydration, but can also result in dizziness, and a feeling of fatigue. Other minerals and trace elements can also be lost with sweat. There are many sports drinks on the market that can help you regain your body’s natural balance.

   Other essential things worth packing include: a map, a compass, a headlamp and a mobile phone. Packing the right gear can help you avoid getting into trouble and can make your trip in the mountains more enjoyable.
Taken from vol.38 PDF

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