Monday, September 24, 2012

Momiji gari (Maple Tree Viewing)

   The season of Autumn colors will come soon. The red color of autumn leaves comes from the pigment anthocyan. As autums progresses, glucose and sucrose levels increase inside the leaves, and under the influence of ultra-violet rays, the leaves turn red. Although my recommended spot is Omogo Ravine & Mt. Ishizuchi, I am limited to telling you about spots within Kochi! With this in mind, I would like to recommend Kuroson Ravine.

   The Kuroson Ravine in Nishi-Tosa, Shimanto City is along the Kuroson River, which has been selected as one of the Heisei-era’s 100 best sources of water. The beauty of trees in the ravine and the clear stream make this a place of pure relaxation. Highlights include farm stays, farmhouse restaurants, Okiku Falls, and Shimanto-Gakusha, Kochi’s College of Experiential Tourism. In summer you can enjoy firefly watching.

   If you stay in one of the guest houses, you can take in the beauty of Kuroson Ravine at your leisure. Four farm guest houses are affiliated with the “Shimanto Kuroson Guest House Road” (enquiries to ‘cottage in the woods’: 0880-56-1229). Each farm guest house has a capacity of 4~6 people. Up to twenty people can stay if you book all four guest houses.

   These houses are ideal for ①People who have a passion for nature ②People who want to relax in a home-style lodging ③People who want to experience life in the country ④People who have a passion for river sports ⑤People who want to climb Yatsuzura Mountain. (One night ¥4000~, with 2 meals an extra ¥2000~) You can rent out the guest houses and cook your own meals.

   Japanese paper artists Mr. & Mrs. Uitenboogaart of Yusuhara town have stayed at one of these guest houses. I’m sure you would love to spend some relaxing time at the Kuroson River ravine.

Taken from vol.25 PDF

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