Monday, September 10, 2012

Invitation to Jogging

   Do you feel you lack exercise since coming to Japan? Or has the doctor advised you to get some exercise in a recent medical check? If so, I recommend that you start jogging.
   I think jogging is the most economic aerobic exercise and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Even though swimming burns more calories than jogging, it can only be done in certain places such as a pool or the sea, but you can jog with just exercise clothes and sport shoes even on your business trip and you don’t need money to do it.

   In Kochi there are also a variety of marathon races with different levels of difficulty: from 3-5 km races for beginners to a 100km ultra-marathon race. If you want to join a race, you should apply for them as soon as possible because in Japan the deadline for the application comes more than one month (some more than 4 months! ) before the date of the race.

   Here are some of the major marathons in Kochi. Please try them!
(For the advanced runners)
●Ultra Marathon along the Shimanto River (The 3rd Sunday of Oct. 2 courses: 60km and 100km, Tel: 0880-34-2071)
●Ryoma Dappan Marathon (The 1st Sunday of Oct. 3 courses: 42.195km, Half and 10km, Tel:0889-65-1350) 
●Kochi Ryoma Marathon (The 4th Sunday of Feb. 42.195km You can apply from TODAY! Tel: 088-823-3971) 

(For the intermediate runners)
●Asemi River Marathon (The last Sunday of July. 3 courses: 6km, 10km and Half, Tel:0887-76-2113)
●TV Kochi Health Marathon (The 2nd Sunday of Mar. 14km, Tel: 088-880-1110)

(For the beginners)
●Ōgata Seaside Barefoot Marathon (May 3rd. 2 courses: 4km and 6km, Tel:0880-43-2111)
●Yamakita Mandarin Health Marathon (The 1st Sunday of Nov. 2 courses: 4km and 7.6km, Tel: 0887-55-2143)
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