Thursday, September 20, 2012

Music for long autumn nights

   A hint of autumn is in the air. Why don’t you enjoy the beautiful autumn nights and indulge yourself with some nice music?

   I would like to introduce some cafés and bars where you can listen to live music in Kochi.

   If you are keen on Jazz music, you will like “Mokuba” and “Just Friends”. “Mokuba” is an old Jazz café with a friendly atmosphere. They have live music every third Friday. “Just Friends” is a bar where the owner plays the Jazz piano by himself. If you have a favorite song, try requesting it here. Every last Sunday of each month, 3 bands play here, and every Friday and Saturday, a duo featuring a pianist and vocalist perform.

   Have you ever heard Irish music with its unique and rhythmical sounds? “Irish Pub Amontillado” hosts a nice Irish music night on the second Thursday of each odd month. The charm of the pub is its casual atmosphere where you can chat, eat and drink with friends while listening to the music. Feel the Irish spirit and try a pint of Guinness here!!

   Lastly “el.REY” is a bar which has a good selection of wines. Every Saturday “Aozora Band” plays all kinds of music ranging from Blues, Jazz, Folk, Reggae and so on. Maybe you could discover a different type of music you haven’t encountered yet.

   All bands playing at the café and bars introduced here won’t disappoint you, I promise! Different to listening music at a concert hall, here you can experience the music via the musicians at a more personal level. If you would like to get more information, please visit the web site “Kochi Oto no Bunka shinkoukai”. (Japanese only)

Taken from vol.32 PDF

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