Thursday, September 6, 2012

“Live House” in Kochi

   Autumn has come! Why don’t you enjoy the long nights of autumn with a lilting tune at a “live house”? “Live House” is Japanese for live music venues. The most famous live house in Kochi is “BAY5 SQUARE”. This live house has a seating capacity of 2,000. One of the appeals of the live house is that a lot of artists who are famous throughout Japan often hold their gigs here.
   The place attracts a large number of people from Shikoku Island and is always brimming with energy. The scene covers a wide range of genres including J-pop, Rock and Zazz. That’s why not only young people but also elderly people can enjoy their favorite music here.
   Furthermore, the hall is available to all for hire. So, if you can play some musical instrument, you can show off your talents here.

   Why don’t you experience some live music that transcends language at BAY5 SQUARE?

Taken from vol.32 PDF

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