Thursday, September 13, 2012

Special Exhibition “Swords of the Mononofu (Samurai) Spirit - Noted swords from Bizen and swords with historical connections to Tosa”

   This exhibition will be displaying three groups of swords. Group 1 is old swords mainly from Bizen, which was among the 5 Old Countries of Yamashiro (old Kyoto), Yamato (old Nara), Bizen (old Okayama), Sagami (old Kanagawa) and Mino (old Gifu).
  Group 2 is the swords that belonged to the feudal families of daimyo, or lords, such as Chosogabe and Yamauchi, and those related to the Bakumatsu-no-Shishi (patriots in the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate).
   In addition, in Group 3 will be exhibited a selection from among 150 swords that have been donated from the Horimi Family in Sakawa Town. Various workshops will be conducted throughout the exhibition period with the full support of the All Japan Swordsmith Association.
   Group 1&2: 6 Oct. (Sat) to 4 Nov. (Sun) 2012 
   Group 3:  6 Oct. (Sat) to 23 Dec. (Sun) 2012
Time: 9am ~ 5pm (Last entry: 4:30pm)
Location: Kochi Prefectural Museum of History 3F, 1099-1 Yahata Oko-cho, Nankoku City
Entry: 500 yen (400 for groups of 20 or more, free for high school students and under)
More info: 088-862-2211
English Website:

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