Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tsubo & Massage

   Super HOT summer is still here in Kochi…. Can you survive?

   Inside our body, we have streams of energy that run all over. Our body functions make the energy streams, however, when the functions are disturbed, the energy streams cannot flow smoothly.
   “Tsubo” are points on the energy streams where you feel pain, and through them you can check whether your bodily functions work well or not. Particularly, our hands and feet have many “Tsubo.” Try acupressure on your body by yourself. If you keep pressing on the point that you feel pain, your bodily functions will recover. In Kochi city, there are various massage salons.

Anma: Japanese traditional massage
British style reflexology: Massage with a mixture of eastern and western medical science
Thai style massage: Acupressure and stretches
Chinese style massage: Anma originally came from China to Japan.

   You can find massage tools in ¥100 shops. My favorite one is the “bamboo step. ”You just step on the bamboo that is cut lengthways. Some international airlines also have “bamboo step” on the airplane for passengers in order to prevent DVT. Keep healthy everyday with Tsubo massage.
Taken from vol.3 PDF

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