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Let’s make your own Buckwheat noodle for New Year’s Eve!

Buckwheat noodle ‘’soba’’

   Many people love noodles and so do I! In Japan, soba noodle is made of buckwheat and is one of the favorites for people of all ages. Soba noodles are of darker brown color and thinner than wheat noodles such as Udon. In Japan, the unique custom is that Japanese people eat soba at home on New Year’s Eve. This traditional soba noodle dish is called Toshikoshi-Soba, meaning year-passing soba.

   Why do Japanese people eat Toshikoshi-Soba on New Year’s Eve? We strongly believe that eating the soba noodles on this day will help us live longer and healthier just like the length of the noodles. Also, that our lives will be fill with good fortune. This traditional custom has been practiced since the 1600s! Of course, towards the end of the year you will be able to see special sales on soba noodles. This year will end soon and we can all look forward to Toshikoshi-Soba for New Year’s Eve!

Making soba! That tastes much better!

   There are some locations in Kochi where you can make soba and eat it right away! First, buckwheat and water are mixed together and kneaded to make dough. After that, it is rolled out thin and cut in narrow lines. When ready to eat, you just need to boil it and it’s done!

   In the winter time the best way to eat it is as a hot soup. You can put toppings of your liking on it like Shrimp Tempura and green onions! People who have made their own soba on those locations say that it’s much better than any soba they have ever had and it’s a lot of fun! The staffs who assist with making the soba noodles also offer this experience in the summer time as well!

   In the summer, usually the soba noodles will be dipped in cold sauce with Wasabi which is perfect for the hot summer. For this coming New Year’s Eve, enjoy eating Toshikoshi-Soba with your family. Hope it brings you more good luck for next year!

 Fureai no sato yanagino (Ino Town):
JA shop at rest area QRAUD (Ino Town):
 Nourin gyogyou taiken jishukan (Kami City):

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