Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kochi’s other 16 roadside stations

1. Osugi   see map
TEL: 0887-72-1417
Location: Otoyo Town, 15 minutes from Otoyo Interchange.
Characteristics: Near Osugi, one of the oldest trees in Kochi. The udon here is delicious!

2. Shimanto Taisho   see map
TEL: 0880-27-0113
Location: Shimanto Town, Taisho
Characteristics: Has two stone windmills, athletic field, and a stage. You can see many regional goods made out of stone and wood at the museum there.

3. Birafu   see map
TEL: 0887-59-3111
Location: Kami City
Characteristics: Has many facilities for aquatic sports, such as a pool and sauna. It’s also right next to the Anpanman Museum!

4. Kawauso no sato Susaki   see map
TEL: 0889-40-0004
Location: Susaki City
Characteristics: Has many local goods from the region as well as tourist information for Susaki City.

5. Mejika no sato Tosashimizu   see map
TEL: 0880-83-1103
Location: Tosashimizu City
Characteristics: Near the entrance to Ashizuri National Park, also has locally made Katsuo and other marine products.

6. Tanoeki-ya   see map
TEL: 0887-32-1077
Location: Tano Town
Characteristics: Has tourist information about the town, as well as locally made product, including regional sweet potatoes.

7. Sukumo   see map
TEL: 0880-63-0801
Location: Sukumo City
Characteristics: Near the border of Ehime, you can see beautiful seaside views from the observation point here. From November to February, you can also see the “Daruma sunset”.

8. Yusuhara   see map
TEL: 0889-65-1100
Location: Yusuhara Town
Characteristics: Located near one of the largest limestone deposits in Japan, here you can see restored thatched hut houses and windmills, as well as appreciate some of Kochi’s beautiful forests.

9. Fusegasaka   see map
TEL: 0889-62-3225
Location: Tsuno Town
Characteristics: Located at the headwaters of the Shimanto river, you can experience tea ceremony just before riding down the station’s 100 meter roller slide.

10. Tosa Sameura   see map
TEL: 0887-82-1680
Location: Tosa Town
Characteristics: Near Sameura dam, you can go fishing for local river fish before you go on one of the many beautiful hikes.

11. Aguri Kubokawa   see map
TEL: 0880-22-8848
Location: Shimanto Town
Characteristics: This station is located near the Shimanto river, and here you can eat some of the local foods and vegetables, as well as a wide variety of soft cream.

12. Yasu   see map
TEL: 0887-57-7122
Location: Konan City
Characteristics: This station is next to Yashi Park, as well as the oldest man-made canal in Japan.

13. Nankoku Furari   see map
TEL: 088-880-8112
Location: Nankoku City
Characteristics: This station has a symbolic mechanical clock, and here you can see many goods that are special products of Nankoku city.

14. Kiramesse Muroto   see map
TEL: 0887-25-2918
Location: Muroto City
Characteristics: This station is powered by solar energy, and here you can eat food and ice cream that isn’t sold anywhere else.

15. Oyama   see map
TEL: 0887-32-0506
Location: Aki City
Characteristics: Here you can buy many unique goods from Aki city, and there are several seaside pathways you can stroll down.

16. 633 binosato (Musasabinosato)   see map
TEL: 088-850-5300
Location: Ino Town
Characteristics: Here you can find handmade local snacks, and see photo and movie exhibits about the region.


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