Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lifestyle Information ③ - Using a Taxi

   In the banquet season now when you have more opportunities to go out for drinks and may use a taxi more often, how do you pick one out of all the vehicles waiting for passengers downtown? There are two types of taxis that are usually running through the city. One is Kogata (small) and the other is Chugata (middle).

   What varies between these two taxis are capacity and fare. Kogata can hold 5 people including a driver while Chugata can hold 6. In Kochi City the minimum fare of Kogata is 540 yen and Chugata is 550 yen, which means the difference is only 10 yen. However, the further you ride, the more the difference widens. For example, when you ride 5 km, you will be charged 1,420 yen with Kogata while it will cost 1,590 yen with Chugata, which means you will save as much as 170 yen if you choose a Kogata taxi.

   For the detailed fare system, please refer to the following website: http://www.taxisite.com/far/info/39.aspx (Japanese only).

   The fare is 20% higher from 10pm to 5am the next day. To tell Kogata from Chugata, you should recognize 小型 (Kogata) or 中型 (Chugata) written in Chinese characters on a sign equipped on the car roof. Why not save on taxi fare as much as possible by riding with your mates who are going in the same direction?


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