Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunset Snowmen

   Have you ever seen a gigantic snowman out beyond the sea? During the winter season in Kochi Prefecture, from around the middle of November to the middle of February, you can see the sunset make a silhouette of a snowman near Cape Ashizuri and Cape Muroto.

   How does it happen? The temperature difference between the sea and the air makes the sunlight reflect on the sea and causes a mirage of the sun. When the sun is getting closer to the horizon, the actual sun starts to resemble the image of the sun caused by the reflection. As they get closer and eventually meet they form an image like the shape of a snowman.

   But you can not see it every sunset; you must have good weather conditions and perfect timing. If all the conditions are favorable, you can see the sunset snowman for a few seconds, so keep your eyes peeled in the last few minutes! Try counting how many times you can spot a sunset snowman in the winter!

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