Friday, December 9, 2011

Midori no Mercado

    The market, named in a mix of Japanese and Spanish meaning “Green Market”, contains local vegetables, delicious international food, and a wide variety of unique international and local handicrafts. Located in lush natural surroundings, locals and visitors alike are welcomed into a European style open marketplace with promises of unique finds with each new visit.

   Also, a “Children’s Ecological Panel” is held periodically, teaching children the importance of nature, conservation, and technological innovations to help foster a future interest in such fields.

   The event is held on the first Saturday of each month in the parking lot of the Taira Athletic Park in Kagami area of Kochi City (formerly Kagami-mura). The shops and stalls are arranged in a circle around the parking lot, so it’s easy to stop by, and make a quick tour, or even stop and chat with the tenants. Roughly 300 people came to visit the Mercado on December 3rd.

The Mercado presently contains the following:
Open Flea Market, Goldfish Dealer, Mobile-phone cleaning and phone recycling service
Thai-style massage, face painting, Wooden handicrafts (can also make your own set of chopsticks) as well as other handmade crafts and art.
Kochi University “Skip” Group – selling fair trade goods
Food: Fruit stands, oden, yakitori (grilled chicken kebabs), udon, freshly made orange juice, American style deserts and sandwiches, handmade bread, and a wide variety of candy and toys for children.

Date: 9am-4pm on January 7th, February 4th and March 3rd
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  1. The market concept is nice, I found "Children's Ecological Panel" great, where children can get to know about the nature and technology. Stalls like mobile recycling will save the earth from harmful chemicals. The food varieties and awesome.