Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let’s Make Kochi More International

Expat Column No.17
By Douglas Eric Marsalis, Owner, Chef and Manager of The Delta Blues Cafe from America

2009 Tosa-ben Musical
   I came to Japan in 2005 with the thought that I would stay just one year and go home soon after. Six years later, I am still here. I am sure that many of you find something special about Kochi just like I do such as the kind people, good food and the great culture that makes this area unique. That is why I have decided to make it my home.

   So, what’s next for me? Many of you already know that I started my own cafe business in July. With this business, my dream is to help make Kochi a truly international place like no other in Japan through art, food, music, language and culture. With your help, I believe that we can achieve this. I have this image of Kochi becoming a place where everyone can come together to truly learn about each other. All of us came to Japan for various reasons, whether it is to see a new country, teach English, learn about a new culture or just to fill some time until our next endeavor. While you are here, why not help to change Kochi?

   There are so many foreigners that are here now with so much talent. Why not share that talent with the Kochi community? Many of you are already doing so through music and art. Examples of this can be seen through the GENKI Musical, bands like The Windbeat or various foreign restaurants already around the city. I would love to see more of you out there to share your knowledge with more of the Japanese community.

   There are many festivals around Kochi almost every month that are in need of volunteers that have knowledge such as yours. They are always looking for people like you to get involved. If you cannot join in on festivals, you can also start your own clubs or projects wherever you are around the prefecture. You can also support those that are already doing so. Please, let’s get together and make Kochi an even more special place to visit and live.


  1. i am a kochite and i would love to help . but i dunno wot to do so please guide me .

  2. im a foreigner living in susaki and i would like to help..what should i do

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