Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kochi’s most beloved candle! Full of warmth for your heart…

Lights up candles in various colors
at night….very peacefull!
   Here is my story about how I’ve come to know Kochi’s most beloved candle. One day I was driving towards the town of Ino with my mom to see my grandparents. Half way there we stopped at the rest area called QRAUD and found a cozy shop selling candles inside; that beautiful image will stay in my mind forever.

   The candles are of various magnificent colors and shapes and all handmade by a local person who lives in Ino (a formerly Gohoku village). The craftsmanship was fantastic! Since the first time I saw them, I became more and more interested so I started to research about them. 

The candle shop ’’mowcandle’’
in wonderful natural view of Ino town
   The candle shop was called ‘’ mowcandle’’ it was located in the town of Ino where the Niyodo River flows, well known for its peaceful silence and magnificent surroundings. Mr. Murayama is the creator and artist who makes mowcandle. (I found out he was actually my sister’s friend! What a small world!)

   It all started one day when Mr. Murayama bought gifts of candles for his friend. Looking at the candles, he thought ‘’ I would like to make an original one by myself…’’. After that, he began researching for how to make candles on the internet and tried out tons of candles all by himself.  

Candle night event ‘’Lamp’’

    In May of 2008, with all the support from his family and friends, he started selling his own candles and eventually opened up his shop mowcandle. His candles are of high quality and takes a long time to finish. He said there are many important factors to master in making the best candles, including temperature, timing and speed.
Music festival at Chikurin temple
Lotus shaped candles are floating on the pond.

   Presently, he is one of the best candle artists in the candle world! Not only people in Kochi know about his candles, but even many other people from out of town order his special candles. He now does many wedding decorations and night events such as lighting up heart-warming candles. Still, he says “I want to continue to make my mowcandle to touch all people’s hearts. When people are touched, I’m also deeply touched and can get much positive energy from them!’’

His original lotus shaped candle
with gradation colors
   This winter you should visit his shop mowcandle and pick out a candle of your liking to brighten up your room!

   If you are lucky, you might be able to get limited edition Christmas version candles at mowcandle! Go and have a look, give your eyes a treat!

For more info: Go to the website

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