Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yosakoi Festival - A secret of a happy married life

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   The season of the Yosakoi Festival this year is just around the corner, which is held from 9 to 12 in every August in Kochi City. This year 191 teams are participating in the festival.
   Last year I danced with all members of my family, or my wife and two children at age 4 and 5 wearing yukata in a team which allowed even small children under 7 years old to join although some other teams, especially those were going for the prizes, had an age restriction.
   This year, however, my family members except me are dancing in a samba-esque team where dancers wear a costume which is too colorful for me. Costume, participation fee, practice time and difficulty of the dance are main conditions for people to choose a team which suits them.
   I’m not dancing this year, but I will join the festival as a support member of the team. Probably I will have to take care of my two children when they get exhausted. On the other hand, my wife will get rid of stress piled up in the housework and child-rearing and refresh herself.
   Now, the Yosakoi Festival is becoming one of the keys to a happy married life for us.


  1. Wow...The real excitement is very near for the people of Kochi. I wish I could have attended the festival but sad that due to work pressure I am not gonna make it.

  2. Yosakoi Festival is held in every year and I appreciate that this festival is a very best for happy married life.

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