Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One-Coin Lunch Heaven: the Lunch Passport

If you’re like me and eat out for lunch often, you have probably fallen into a routine and go to the same places everyday, thinking the whole time, there’s gotta be some cool new places to check out. My lunch hour world was turned upside down when I found this:

the Lunch Passport.

In it, there is listed a total of 77 locations around Kochi City, Nankoku, Konan, and Ino offering lunch for 500 yen. Each restaurant or café has a designated menu item or lunch set that you can eat there for that price; good news for indecisive people I guess.
You can check out the handy map to find places close to you, or you can flip through the pages to see what interior design intrigues you or which dish looks appetizing.
The fun thing about this passport is that you can collect stamps at the places you eat.
(Okay, maybe sometimes they are handwritten, but it’s still kind of cool).

Some listings have restrictions as to how often you can use the offer or what days and hours you can use it. However, there are many others that allow you to use the passport on weekends and sometimes even for dinner, so it may be worth the purchase for people not so close to central Kochi too.
The passport itself is being sold for 943 yen plus tax, which you can make up after a few uses. You’ll save about 200 to 400 yen on each lunch, with the biggest saving being a lunch normally priced at 1150 yen being offered for the set 500.
The Lunch Passport can be used until October 24th and can be purchased at any of the participating locations and some bookstores. Get it before they sell out!

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