Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ice Cream and Ice Crin

   Talking of summer, everyone loves to have a cooling ice cream, don’t they? Have you ever heard of “ICE CRIN”? It is one of the local specialties in Kochi. However, what is the difference between “ice cream” and “ice crin”? “Ice crin” looks similar to “ice cream”…so I looked it up.

   According to my search, “ice crin” is classified as a water ice because the butterfat content is under 3%, or it could be a type of “kakigori” (snow cone). There used to be only white “ice crin”, but now there is a wide variety of flavours you can choose from like matcha, strawberry, soda, chocolate, coffee and even corn.

   How about trying to get “ ICE CRIN ” at the stalls under the big parasols?

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