Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Retreat in Kochi ①- Take a soak in the river

   If you are one of those people who sit at home with the air conditioner on during your days off, I would really recommend you go on a special summer retreat. You can find a lot of clean rivers everywhere in Kochi such as the Kagami River running in Kochi City, Niyodo River through Ino and other towns, and Shimanto River through the western part of Kochi. Go out to these rivers to soak, rather than swim, like bathing in a bathtub.
   In my case, I leave home at around 10 am and soak in the river for about one hour from 10:30 am or so. River water is cold so you cannot stay long inside, but get out of the river once you’re cool and go back in again after airing yourself out. The repetition of such an act will cool you right down to your body's core. Even after going back home after leaving the river, you can usually stay cool with only the windows open and the fan on until about 2 pm. You can be free from air conditioners for as long as 4 hours!

   But be sure to avoid entering flooded rivers and be careful of slippery stones in the river!

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