Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Retreat in Kochi ③-Ryuga Caves

Ryuga-dō (Ryuga Caves) is a natural work of art that has been created over 175 million years. When you visit the limestone cave, it takes you to an unknown world. You might feel as if another space has spread over the cave.  

When entering the place and touching its cool surface, one can’t help but be struck with awe and respect for nature. Others may think that it's a good place for self-contemplation. There are narrow paths in Ryuga-dō. I get excited when I think that ancient inhabitants may have walked this very path.

More than fifteen years have passed since I last visited Ryuga-dō. I remember when my little daughter's eyes sparkled with excitement and amazement. I wonder if Ryuga-dō has changed or not. However, it's true that Ryuga-dō is one of the most memorable places for me. Why don't you visit the pleasantly cool Ryuga-dō this summer?

Taken from vol.42  published in July 2011 Tosa Tea Edition
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