Friday, July 29, 2011

Lifestyle Consultations Case ① - Secret Recording

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   A few days ago a woman from Southeast Asia living in Kochi City visited KIA to inform us that her domestic problem with his husband had solved after about an hour talk in their house on the previous day.

   I was very surprised that she had recorded all the conversations they made on her mobile phone. Most of the sounds in it were his voice in a broad tosa dialect accent and a disgruntled tone. She was still poor at arguing in Japanese and was scared of his angry voice. 

   It was early spring this year when the woman came to KIA for the first time to ask our advice to solve her problem - she wanted more money to spend freely from her salary she earned, most of which was taken away by her husband.

   After that, she visited us a couple of times for better advice. One day we took her to a lawyer for some legal advice, but the lawyer recommended that they solve the problem by talking each other in the first place before taking any legal action. We had no other choice but encourage her to have a talk with him again. 

   She was brave enough to open her talk with him and secretly record the conversations by mobile phone. Of course, the husband didn't notice anything about the secret recording and explained to her honestly about their tough household budget showing her the housekeeping book he kept. She finally understood they would go bankrupt without her income and decided to accept the situation that surrounded her even if it was inconvenient for her.

   I hope they will overcome their financial hardship and spend a happy life in Kochi.       

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