Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Posts by Students of Tosa Joshi Girls’ Junior and Senior High School

   Students of Tosa Joshi Girls’ Junior and Senior High School, one of the two female junior and senior high schools in Kochi, showed interest in posting to TW Blog. They belong to ESS Club of the high school and learn English for speech contests and STEP tests every day.
   Here are their first posts for the blog.

“Welcome to Kochi”  
Risa TAKANO(a first-year student in the senior high school)
     The air in Kochi is beautiful!  The fresh air makes you feel great.  The water is also clean,and delicious to drink.
     The Shimanto River is famous for crystal clear water that seems to be sparkling.  The whole prefecture is surrounded by nature.
Kochi Station
     Kochi Station has recently been remodeled and is very beautiful.  Also many different colored lights make Kochi Castle very beautiful at night.
     Please come and visit Kochi, everyone!

“The climate of Kochi”
Akari MATSUMOTO(a first-year student in the senior high school)
The climate of Kochi is warm, and the air is very clean.  Furthermore, the tap water in Kochi is clean enough to drink, so the people do their best to take care of the water sources.
There are many famous places in Kochi.  For example, Katsurahama Beach, Kochi Castle, and the Anpanman Museum are popular for children.
We have a lot of famous and delicious foods.  For example, the famous pole fishing for bonito, Yuzu from Umaji village, and boshi-pan; bread shaped like a hat similar to melon bread.
Recently, Ryoma, a famous samurai from Kochi, has become popular. So many tourists from all over Japan and abroad have been visiting Kochi.
I hope that, just like now, many tourists continue coming to Kochi.

“Tosa Dialect”
Miina YAMAMOTO, Honoka YOKOTA(second-year students in the junior high school)
     The dialect we speak in Kochi is Tosa-ben(dialect). You will find some examples here.
1: What are you doing now?  Ima nani shiyu?
---I’m watching TV now.  Terebi miyu.
  I’m studying Japanese now.  Ima nihongo wo benkyo shiyu.
2: Have you finished your homework?  Shukudai shichu?
---Yes, I have.  Un, shichude.
We add yu when we expess present progressive. While, chu is used for past tense.
3: This sofa is uncomfortable to sit on.  Kono sofa nouga warui.
4: That’s right.  Sou nagaya.
5: I want you to buy it.  Kore katteya.
6: For heaven’s sake.  Onegai yaki.

 These are some examples of the dialect only people in Kochi speak, and people can’t understand these expressions, even in other parts of Shikoku outside of Kochi.

                                            Edited by Nate HILL, Kazumasa IGATA
Tosa Joshi Girls’ Junior and Senior High School

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