Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Retreat in Kochi ②-Nakatsu Gorge

It was a muggy day. Along with my family, we went to Yu-no-mori hot spring in Niyodogawa Town, about an hour’s ride from Ino Interchange. Its open-air bath made of maki timber from Niyodogawa was infused with the smell of wood.

Soon after we left Yu-no-mori, we found a sign on our right by chance. We decided to drop by. A narrow lane opened up along the ravine. If we had gone farther, we would’ve seen the statues of Ryujin Shichi-Fukujin: the Dragon Kings and Seven Gods of Fortune. It would take about one hour to see all of them. However, unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to see them, so we saw only three statues around the entrance.

They created a mysterious and religious atmosphere. Moreover, the strong current made pleasant splashing sounds. The water was emerald green and a cloud of spray was pure white. We soon forgot about the summer heat.

Taken from vol.42  published in July 2011 Tosa Tea Edition
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