Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Preparing for the Nankai Earthquake ②

Strengthen your home (improve earthquake resistance), brace and rethink the layout of your furniture

   About 80% of deaths and injuries in the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, which occurred in 1995 and left 6,437 dead or missing and 43,792 injured, resulted from falling furniture or the collapse of buildings. Bracing furniture and strengthening homes can avoid much of the damage caused by tremors.

   It is important that you check the earthquake resistance of your residence to see if it is strong enough against a large earthquake. Earthquake Resistance Testing is available at 3,000 yen for wooden homes of traditional Japanese design constructed before May 31, 1981. Please ask your local government office for more information.

   It is also necessary to brace furniture by using fasteners. For those who rent, please get permission from your landlord first. If you want to know how to brace furniture securely, see the following KIA English website.

   Don’t place furniture in bedrooms or near exits to prevent it from pinning you or shutting escape routes. Moreover, attach shatter-proof film to glass to prevent injury from broken glass.

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