Wednesday, September 14, 2011

International Rapport Square 2011

Last year's Kokusai Fureai Hiroba 
   On the 23th of October (Sun.), at Hirome Ichiba in Kochi City, KIA (Kochi International Association) will be holding the "Kokusai Fureai Hiroba 2011" (International Rapport Square), an event devoted to international cooperation. 

   There will be booths selling traditional crafts from Laos and Guatemala, as well as cheap Chinese and Korean home cuisine (such as steamed meat buns and kimchi). There will also be African music and Yosakoi dancing.

   All profits from the sale of the crafts will help improve the lives of people in developing countries. For example, you will be able to contribute to the construction of an elementary school in Laos if you buy one craft item from Laos, where there are still many children who don`t have any opportunity to receive an education. We are looking foward to seeing you at this event.

Opening hours: 10a.m.-5p.m.
Contact: Kochi International Association (KIA)
TEL: 088-875-0022

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