Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marathon Kingdom Kochi

Shimanto Ultra Marathon
   Autumn, the season for sports has come! It is a good time to start exercising if you are lacking in activities everyday. I would recommend you do yoga or walking which can be begun easily.

   I have been crazy for marathons since some years ago. Kochi, needless to say, is a Marathon Kingdom! There are so many marathon races throughout the year. Let me introduce you to three interesting marathon races held in autumn.

The Oshidori Marathon (held on the third Sunday of September in Umaji Village)
   This year marks the 31st race. Oshidori means a happily-married couple in Japanese. It has two courses of 3km and 5km. A married couple needs to run the same course together and finish the goal holding hands with a smile. Cute, isn’t it? Why don’t you take this opportunity to start running with your partner? (in Japanese)

The Ryoma Dappan Marathon (held on the second Sunday of October in Yusuhara Town)
   This is the most noticeable race this year in Kochi, not only because it will be held for the first time, but also because it is concerned with Ryoma Sakamoto. Dappan is an old term meaning leaving one’s country without permission which in those days was a serious crime. Participants will run part of the road where the hero at the end of the Edo period passed when he left for the outside world. There are three courses of 10km, half and full. (in Japanese)

The Shimanto Ultra Marathon (held on the third Sunday of October in Shimanto City & Shimanto Town)
   This is a high level marathon race because it offers only two long distance courses of 60km and 100km. But it is very popular amongst people even from other prefectures because they can enjoy running while seeing the magnificent nature of the Shimanto River. (in Japanese)

   I think that marathon running is a lifelong sport for men and women of all ages. Why don’t you start jogging around your house toward a goal of taking part in a marathon race in the future? The exhilaration you feel after running will definitely get you hooked!
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