Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Enjoy reading in autumn!

   In Japan autumn is known as the best season for reading. Why not try reading at least one book this autumn even if you are always busy? Unlike TV or movies, one of the charms of reading is that you can take your time and enjoy it at your own pace. At the Kochi International Association (KIA), there are about 1,700 foreign books mostly written in English, and all of them are possible to be checked out.

   However, there is a situation that though people living in Kochi City often borrow books, those who live on the outskirts of or far from the city don’t even know about them or have difficulty borrowing them. In addition, you can’t find a book you want quickly because there is no search system. What a waste it is that many of those books aren’t checked out!

   So the KIA has begun to input data of the books’ information such as authors and titles with the cooperation of the Kochi Prefectural Library. When the work is completed, you will be able to search for these foreign books easily wherever you live and have them send what you want to your local public library or university library.

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