Friday, September 30, 2011

Japan Studies Program Lecture Series no.7

Eikokuji Campus of the University of Kochi 
   A gentleman of Dutch origin, Mr. Brinckmann arrived in Japan in 1950. 18 years old, he disembarked not only on an illustrious career in banking, during the years that saw Japan arise miraculously from the war's ashes, but also on a journey of emotional and cultural discovery that reawakened his old dream of becoming a writer. Having witnessed the high growth Showa era, right near its economic and political center, how does he look upon present-day Japan and its seemingly unsurmountable problems? Don't miss this rare opportunity!

   The lecture will be held in English at 6:30pm - 8pm on October 21, at the Eikokuji campus of the University of Kochi. ** Participation is free. **

Inquries: 088-873-2984
University of Kochi Fac. of Cultural Studies
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