Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dos and Don’ts in Onsen

   Here are some basic things that you should refrain from or be careful of while in an onsen.

1. Wash your body before bathing.
   Otherwise you’ll be given death stares by the locals.

2. Some onsens damage your precious metal accessories.
   Some substances included in onsen waters are harmful and react with your valuable metal accessories. Take them off before bathing!

3. Some onsens are unsuitable for drinking.
   Please ask the local people before trying to drink onsen water.

4. Avoid soaking if you are blind drunk or pregnant.
   Taking a soak puts a strain on your heart, and the floors in some onsens are slippery.

5. Don’t bathe many times a day.
   You’ll be at higher risk of suffering heat stroke if you bathe three times or more a day.

6. Others
   Please don't wear a swimsuit or underwear in the bathtub.
   Please don't wear a towel in the bathtub.
   Please don't use soap in the bathtub.

   Please enjoy onsen considering the precautions above.

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