Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paragliding in Kochi’s Sky!

Paragliding peacefully in the sky!
   Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird when you were young?
   Paragliding is an adventurous but exciting sport. It may seem too scary or dangerous to some people, but I assure that it’s a worthwhile life changing experience!

   I recommend to comfortably experience the fun of paragliding located at Ahgawa Sky Park in Niyodogawa Town of Kochi. The town of Kochi is also known for the flowing Niyodo River for its peaceful silence and magnificent surroundings. Paragliding for half a day will cost about 5200 yen. I strongly recommend to book it for the whole day which costs only 8200 yen! From morning to evening you will get the pleasure to experience the beautiful scenery as the sky changes, it’s spectacular, so don’t miss it! First timers do not need to worry about anything! The highest level of safety and paragliding lessons are being taught and monitored by the best trained instructors. Right now cherry blossoms season has just arrived, can you imagine how beautiful it will look from the sky?

Ahgawa Sky Park in Niyodogawa Town of Kochi.

Location: Ahgawa Sky Park (Niyodogawa Town, Ahgawa –gun, Kochi)
Hours: 10:00am-9:00pm (Reservations necessary)
Cost: 5200 yen for half a day, 8200 yen for whole day
For more info: http://www.mapple.net/spots/G03900043302.htm

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