Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let’s visit Mr. Moore!

Terraced fields in the mountains.
You can get rice and wheat here!
   During a clear and sunny day in January, after an hour long bus ride, we went to visit John Moore, a native of Ireland who is working to revitalize Kochi's mountainous regions by working daily on agricultural activities.

   The bus drove us further and further from the center of Kochi City, and steadily proceeded towards the mountains. In a matter of moments we were surrounded by greenery, and the mountains pressed against our field of vision. Together with the rivers and rice fields, it made for relaxing, tranquil scenery.

Seeds for habucha tea. They are
cultivated through a delicate process of
repeated harvesting and planting.
   When we arrived at the bus stop, Mr. Moore and his wife came to greet us. The two of them are very friendly and outgoing, and they soon took us to the rice fields and farms that they are cultivating. The first thing they asked us to do was to touch and smell the soil, to feel the nature. The surprising thing was that each place had a different smell to its soil! We learned that through the smell of the soil you can tell if it is fertile or infertile. It was fascinating that even soil had this kind of variety, and seeing how Mr. Moore makes such rich soil in Kochi really made us feel that we wanted to make our own rice and vegetables, free of pesticides or other chemicals.

Mr. Moore enthusiastically says, “You can
make what you eat with your own hands!”
   People from both inside and outside of Kochi Prefecture have come to this region to live, driven by the mystique of the nature. They plant and harvest together and realize that everyone affects one another. Mr. Moore also holds workshops on cultivating organic gardens in the home in many prefectures, including Kochi, and people of all sorts participate in them. Mr. Moore said, “Kochi’s striking characteristic is the power of its nature’s richness.” He also enthusiastically said, “I want to revitalize this place! First, I want to pass on to the next generation that it is important to live as one with nature.” Everyone, why don’t you come visit Mr. Moore’s Organic World?

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