Monday, March 19, 2012

Genki Tosaben Musical 2012 – “Ekin in Neverland”

Tosaben Musical 2011

   Formed in 1996, GENKI Seinenkai has produced the Tosaben Musical every year, with proceeds from donations supporting students going abroad. This year’s theme is Kochi-born artist Ekin.

   There are 10 missing years in his life where no one knows where he was. If you were told he was in Neverland, would you believe? Come see for yourself. Pita Pan, President Hook and their comrades will be

April 14 (Sat)
April 15 (Sun)
 10:00 Kochi Otemae Elm. Gym (Mini show for kids)
April 21 (Sat)
April 22 (Sun)


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