Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kochi's Latin like feelings

Expat Column No.18
BY Simone Yoko Kofuji from Brazil

   I came to Japan through an Overseas Technical Trainee Project between Brazil’s Kochi Association and Kochi Prefecture. My parents, who were born in the town of Yusuhara, immigrated to Brazil before I was born. And there, I was born as a Nisei–Second Generation Japanese.

   Once when I was a child, my parents brought me to Yusuhara, but I have never been in Japan for such a long period by myself as I am this time. And that’s why, before coming to Japan, I was really worried if I would be able to interact or make friends with the people of Kochi. My parents and Brazilian friends who have been to Kochi before kept saying to me, “You like to drink, right? So you’ll be absolutely fine!” At that time I thought, “Why is that?” but I found out quickly when I arrived here.

   The first place I went was Hirome Ichiba. When I entered Hirome, I instantly loved the fun atmosphere with lots of people, delicious food, beverages and a variety of menu to choose. I thought right away it was the perfect place for gathering friends.

   It’s said that Kochi’s culture is Latin-like. In Kochi, people drink very much and they also have the Yosakoi Festival. Like the Carnival in Brazil. This time, I could participate in the Yosakoi Festival. Everyone enjoyed the Yosakoi Carnival and of course I enjoyed and had a great time. In Brazil, they also drink very much and dance a lot too. Certainly, sounds Latin like to me.

   If you have the chance to come to Kochi someday, please take a look at Hirome Ichiba. I think you will spend a great time at the taste of Kochi’s delicious food and drinks. And I recommend you to order a drink and try saying “henpai.” I’m sure you will make a lot of friends! Well, Cheers!

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