Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cosmos Festival

   Every year there is a Cosmos Festival in Ochicho from October the first to October the sixteenth. About 1,500,000 flowers bloom in a large park.  Cosmos in the park make a lane. We can walk and see cosmos very close up.  The air of the park is very clear because the park is encircled by the river and the mountains.

   Tourists and local people, and many people spend one hour coming by car.  During the period, the road is congested because many people come by car.  Local people go to picnic with family even after the festival finishes.  I think eating a boxed lunch while seeing the cosmos at ther best is delicious. 

   There are many events during the Cosmos Festival.  For example, one event has a brassband recital.  Also a huge maze is made of cosmos, you can ride a canoe and enjoy quaint local cuisine.  There are many fun events and we can eat there.  The horse-drawn carriage is the most popular for children.  It takes us through the lanes of the cosmos.  We can have a nice experienece a lot.  Young and old, men and women, anyone can enjoy oneself.  Let’s go to the Cosmos Festival!

Posted by Sora OKABAYASHI
A third-year student in Tosa Joshi Girls’ Junior High School
Edited by Nate HILL, Kazumasa IGATA
Tosa Joshi Girls’ Junior and Senior High School


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