Monday, November 7, 2011

Japanese Cultural Experience - Tea Ceremony (Sado) -

   Each year, the Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives provides opportunities for foreign residents in Kochi to learn about Japanese traditional culture.

   This year you can learn about the history and etiquettes of "tea ceremony (sado)" and try to make powdered green tea and drink it. With explanations in English, even beginners will easily understand. Please come and experience a wonderful part of Japanese culture through tea ceremony.

[Date] Wednesday November 23, 2011 (national holiday)
[Time] 10:00~12:00a.m.
[Place] Yamauchi hall(2-4-26,Takajyo-machi Kochi Japan)
[Capacity] 20 people
[Cost] 500yen

〈How to apply〉
  Send a postcard, or a fax, or call us with your name, address,and telephone number. We'll send you a ticket.
〈Contact us〉
 Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives
 [Address] 2-4-26,Takajyo-machi,Kochi,Japan 780-0862
 [Tel/Fax] 088-873-0406

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  1. I experienced Japanese traditional culture on last year and I am really very glad after knew the great Japanese traditional culture.