Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visiting Sake Warehouse

   The season for sake (rice wine) brewing has come! I instinctively bought one bottle of local sake the other day when I visited a souvenir shop of a roadside station in Kubokawa Town. Generally the brewing of sake starts in November and continues until next March, and you can have a chance to visit local sake warehouses to watch how to make Japanese rice wine and even drink a little.
   One of the sake breweries allowing you to do so is SUIGEI located in Nagahama, Kochi City. The brewery gives you a guided tour by a master brewer during the brewing season. It takes about one hour including tasting, and only a small group of less than 8 people is accepted.

   Reservation is required by telephone with your name and phone number, preferred visiting date and number of participants. 

   Please enjoy it with your vigorous liver!

Open: 9am - 5pm
Close: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (They may be open during the brewing season. Please ask when you make a reservation.)
Cost: Free
TEL: 088-841-4080
HP: (Japanese only)

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