Friday, October 28, 2011

The 9th Annual MANSAI – Kochi Manga Festival 2011

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   If you like manga, you may already know that Kochi is known as the Kingdom of Manga. Many famous manga artists sprouted from Kochi, the most well-known being Ryuichi Yokoyama, creator of Fuku-chan, and Takashi Yanase, creator of beloved Anpanman. Besides being home to a few museums inspired by these two manga artists (the Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum, Anpanman Museum, and Poem & Märchen Gallery) Kochi also hosts a national high school manga championship called the Manga Koshien every year.
   Coming up soon is another manga and anime-filled event: the 9th Annual Kochi Manga Festival, familiarly known as MANSAI. It is held over two days, this year on November 5th and 6th, and is a place for manga enthusiasts to get their fill.
   Some attractions include the “Anime Song Live” where four bands (and possibly an anime voice actor!) will perform the theme songs of popular anime, a cosplay contest (this year’s theme is Gintama), an art area to create keychains, pin badges, and calendars using the manga you draw, and a 100 second manga drawing face-off tournament with manga artists as judges.
   It’s a must-see for manga fans!

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6
Hours: 10am-4pm (both days)
Venue: Culport
Admission: 500 yen for an admission passport (valid on both days)
Anime Song Live – Nov. 5, 17:30 (additional 500 yen)
Cosplay Contest – Nov. 6, 13:00
Manga 100sec Battle – Nov. 6, 15:00
More info: (Japanese only)

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