Friday, August 12, 2011

Taishōmachi Ichiba

   There is a market called Taishōmachi Ichiba exclusively dealing with fish in Kure, Nakatosa Town, in western Kochi. The market is crowded with seasonal fresh fish that are caught and landed at the Kure fishing port every morning and afternoon throughout the year.

   The market opens from around noon until after 5pm every day, as fresh fish caught on that day isn’t laid out until noon. It’s best to shop in the afternoon to get fresh fish. You can even ask the vendors how to prepare the fish you buy. Please feel free to ask them how to cook and serve it as well, and you may even get an extra fish for free.

   Moreover, handmade whole-fish sushi and side dishes are sold in the arcade and on "Showa St." and "Heisei St". The market was refurbished in December 2003, with the whole arcade remade in wood. The market has the atmosphere of a fishing village with big flags streaming from the ceiling as well as nostalgia to remind us of the atmosphere of the 3rd decade of the Showa era.

Access: About 5 mins from Nakatosa  IC by car / about 7 mins walk from JR Tosakure Sta.

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