Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mikan-gari (Picking Mandarin Oranges)

   If you ask a local what fruit is Kochi’s best, most will say “mandarin oranges”. You can pick this fruit at Tosa-no-Kochi-no-Kudamonobatake, in Kagami-cho, Konan city.

   This mandarin orange grove is spread over 8 hectares, with straight rows of trees spreading in all directions. It is as if you have been transported to a scene in California.

   The Yamakita orange is a kind of “Unshu-Mikan”. The characteristic of this variety is its sweetness. Kochi’s warm climate and almost complete lack of snow make it one of the most suitable places to cultivate this sweet fruit.

   Furthermore, the orchard is blessed with cooling winds from the Pacific, and strong sunlight. Therefore, the pesticide used on these fruit trees is only one-eighth that used on other varieties, with fruit developing with almost no help from human hand, giving us healthy, safe and delicious fruit.

   When summer passes, and the wind turns chilly, why not go to visit the California of Kochi?

Place: 4120-2 Yamakita-Matsugaune Kagami-cho, Konan city
Period: October 1~December 31 (final date subject to change)
Hours: 9am~5pm
Fee: 500yen (12 years and over), 400yen (Elementary School Students), 200yen (3 to 6 years)
Inquiries: TEL0887-55-4332 (in Japanese)

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  1. Contains pectin, which assists in the formation of jellies, Contains little or no fat and protein, Contains small amounts of carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin b-complex.....