Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 28th Annual Okawa Village Beef Festival (Shanikusai)

Have you ever wondered what people get up to in the smallest village in Japan? Okawa village has a population of around 400 people, and while it might not be the most bustling of metropolises, there’s at least one day out of the year that makes the long trek up into the deep interior of the Reihoku region worth it.

The Okawa Village Beef Festival is held every year on Culture Day (November 3rd), and provides the perfect opportunity to experience what one of the most rural places in Japan has to offer. More than 1,000 people from across Kochi prefecture gather to feast on Okawa’s famous black beef and hachikin chicken, and indulge in a never-ending supply of regional sake. Events have traditionally included a log cutting contest, a log throwing contest, Yosakoi dancing and live music. Local vendors also sell food and drink, including umeboshi picked from the local school’s own trees.

In addition to the food and libations, you’ll have a chance to take in some of the most scenic and unadulterated landscapes that exist in Japan. Okawa Village is over 90 percent forest, and the views from the various mountain summits are absolutely breathtaking.

The tickets are on sale now, and they usually sell out by the end of September, so if you’re interested in attending it’d be best to make reservations as fast as possible!

Place: Okawa Village Asa Valley, Village plaza
Date: November 3rd
Time: 11 AM- 3 PM (Gates open at 10 AM)
Price: Adults -5,000 Yen, Children- 3.000 Yen (Includes food and all-you-can-drink sake)
Inquiries and reservations: TEL 0887-84-2201

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