Friday, August 12, 2011

Kochi’s Manga Culture

Yusuke Aoyagi, cartoonist
   Kochi has produced many famous manga (comic) writers and is sometimes called the “Manga Kingdom”. No sooner than you set foot in this “Manga Kingdom” than you will come across some sort of manga-related sight. For example, Manga Koshien (Inter High School Manga Championship), the Anpanman Museum, the Koshin Manga Dojo (Kochi Newspaper Co. Manga Gym), Manga Railway, Ryuichi Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum etc.

   Let me introduce one of Kochi’s greatest manga artists. His name is Yusuke Aoyagi (1944-2001). His manga relate to the nature and culture of Tosa.Yusuke Aoyagi was born in Konan City (former Noichi Town). After graduation from junior high school, he studied manga while working as a chef’s apprentice for 8 years. He made his debut in the manga business in 1969 with “Ikinuki” (Rest). His masterpiece “Tosa-no-ippon-zuri” (Pole-and-line-fishing in Tosa) was made into a movie by the Shochiku Film Company.

   Nakatosa Town’s Furusato Beach in Kure is the setting for “Tosa-no-ippon-zuri.” A stone statue of a seated Aoyagi shows him sketching the blue sky and the Pacific Ocean. Nearby is the “Taishomachi-ichiba” (Taisho Town Market) that recreates the atmosphere of the Taisho Era.” Such things as fresh fish, old-fashioned sweets, and fish cakes, known locally as “Kureten” tempura are sold there.

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  1. Manga words are widely used in a kochi 's manga based site. Kochi is also known as the Manga Kingdom because of many famous manga writers are from the kochi.