Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Furusato Festival in Gohoku

Beating Japanese-style drums strongly
   Have any of you ever gone to summer festivals held in countryside of Kochi Prefecture?

   The festivals are just as fun as the festivals in Kochi city, but in the summer, it will be more of an unforgettable experience. The event I would like to focus on the most is the ‘’Furusato Festival in Gohoku’’.

   Furusato Festival is usually held every year in the middle of August. This year it will be held on August 13 in Gohoku, where there are many beautiful features such as rivers and mountains; it is about 1 hour away from Kochi city by car.

Children from local town dancing ‘’Yosakoi’’
   Furusato Festival starts off with the powerful sounds of Japanese-style drums that are echoed back from the mountains, while children from the local town perform Kochi-style dance ’’Yosakoi’’.

   Furusato Festival differs from other summer festivals in that they do many kinds of fun games!

   There are soda for kids, vegetables juice for family, beer for adult drinking contest, quizzes that have prizes, lottery that gives presents, and much more and everybody can join and have fun together!

   There is also a costume contest like Halloween! The patrons that dress most unique may even win prizes.

   Right before the grand finale, you may like to get some food and drinks to enjoy while watching the fireworks. There are many booths of food and drink options, it’s a fun and great opportunity to try something new!

The mountains resound with the sounds of fireworks
   There will be approximately 1000 shots of fireworks through the mountains. The difference in fireworks here than in Kochi city is that the mountains in Gohoku resound with the sounds of fireworks, this makes them very loud for a more powerful yet spectacular show!

   This grand moment as well as others during the festival will make this a memorable summer!

   Check out more info on the http://www.ynj.jp/hanabi2011/s/gohoku.html

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