Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Study Tosa-ben with us! ⑥

This installment brings you two frequently used tosa-ben words “gicchiri” and “chagamaru”. Gicchiri is an adverb meaning always or many times. Chagamaru is a verb meaning break down or don’t work when used in relation to an object, or meaning sick in bed in relation to a person. Here are three example sentences.

“Uchi no joushi wa gicchiri yuukyuukyuuka wo totte kaigairyokou ni dekakeru.” In English, “My boss always takes paid leave to travel abroad.”

“Kuruma ga gicchiri chagamaru ki, boonasu de atarashiiga ni kaikaeru.” In English, “My car always breaks down, so I’m going to buy a new one with my bonus.”

“Futsukayoi de atamaga itakatta ki, kinou wa zuutto ie de chagamacchotta.” In English, “Yesterday I stayed at home in bed all day because my hangover gave me a splitting headache.”

Please don’t go out drinking too much, and take care of yourself so that you don’t have to spend all day in bed this winter!

Taken from vol.28 (February & March, 2009. Learn in Kochi)

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