Friday, June 3, 2011

Participating in the Yosakoi festival

Expat Column No.6
BY EMILY OSAKI from Brazil,Trainee

Since I arrived in Japan in June, it was not long before it was time to participate in the Yosakoi festival. I  have wanted to join the Yosakoi festival ever since I first heard of it from my dad and sisters in Brazil.

The members of the team were from at least eight different countries and I really enjoyed dancing in the Yosakoi festival with them. Mrs. Yamanaka taught us everything at an easy pace, starting with how to hold the Naruko.

The Rio Carnival dance can be done by only moving your feet, but the Yosakoi dance uses the whole body. It was hard for me, but I finally learned all the steps and was able to dance on the day of the festival.

The participation fee for this team was cheap because they don’t make new uniforms or charter a bus for transportation. Even though I had to walk the whole time I was able to chat a lot with my teammates on the way, so I didn’t feel tired.

It was through the Yosakoi Festival that I realized we all feel the same emotions even though nationality and language may be different. Plus, I got a medal at Mama Street! I hope Brazil will start a festival like Yosakoi! I would definitely do it again.

Taken from vol.14 (October & November, 2006. Sports and Exercise in Kochi)

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