Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arukou, Arukou!

Expat Column No.1

Ever seen a Japanese animated film and wondered, “Why do the characters always stroll through the opening/ending theme?” Well, the obvious answer is that it’s fun! And Kochi city, despite its perilously
narrow backstreets, is a great place to enjoy a nice walk. If you’ve always been in too much of a rush to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a stroll through Kochi, here are two highlights:

1) Obiyamachi-
The premier promenade in Kochi. During the day you can see and be seen by Kochi’s colorful denizens, and procure a lifetime supply of tissues.
At night, you will come across a variety of aspiring musicians, artists, and break dancers, as well as young men with awesome cars.

2) Kagami River-
If you prefer a more solitary stroll, the banks of the Kagami River have been conveniently paved. The secluded atmosphere can provide for romance, especially if local young people are playing with fireworks.
Keep an eye out for night fisherman, runners, and wayward crabs!

Taken from vol.9 (April, 2006. The start of a new life)

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