Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beer Gardens

Now it is summer, a cold beer in a beer garden sounds so good, and there is a wide choice of them here in Kochi. However, Japanese beer gardens are not what you might be expecting. Very few of them are actually in gardens, but more usually are on the roofs of hotels. Also, they serve food usually in a buffet style, as well as a nomihodai (drink-as-much-as-you-like) drinks selection. You pay a fixed price at the door on entrance, and then you are free to take as much food and drink as you like. The price is between three and four thousand yen and they are usually open from 5pm-9pm.

Here is an introduction to some of Kochi City’s beer gardens.
Shin Hankyu Hotel Beer Garden
 (Honmachi 4-2-50, Kochi city TEL 873-1111)
Orient Hotel Beer Garden 
 (Masugata 5-37, Kochi city TEL 822-6565)
Hotel Nikko Asahi Royal Beer Garden
 (Kutanda 9-15, Kochi city TEL 885-5151)
Sansuien Hotel Beer Garden 
 (Takajomachi 1-3-35, Kochi city TEL 822-0131)

Taken and modified from vol.2 (August 2005. Let’s Go Camping!)

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