Monday, October 22, 2012


   When we think of the seafood delicacies of Kochi, Katsuo-no-tataki (lightly-roasted bonito) is not the only dish that comes to mind. Mackerel-shaped sushi (Saba-no-sugatazushi) is another Kochi favorite. The sushi is often placed on a sawachi (a large and colorful platter) and is also available as “ekiben” (a boxed meal) at JR Kochi Station. As you can imagine from its name, all the parts of the fish – from the head to the tail – are used.
   Another of Kochi’s specialities, Yuzu-su, (vinegar and Japanese lemon) is used in the rice for this type of sushi. The subtle scent of the vinegar rids the sushi of the smell of the fish.
Taken from vol.18 PDF

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