Monday, October 22, 2012

NIITAKA-nashi (Pear)

   The Japanese nashi (pear) is a completely different shape compared to its Western counterpart. Japanese nashi are round, like apples. Two kinds of nashi cultivated in Kochi and Niigata were cross-bred, producing a new variety. “NIITAKA-nashi” was named in 1926; “NII” comes from Niigata and “TAKA” comes from Kochi. (Ko is also read as Taka.)
   “NIITAKA-nashi” has been a famous product of Kochi for a long time, because of its long history and the size of the fruit. It’s as big as the head of a small child, and it usually weighs over 1 kg (2.3 lb.). It is crispy and juicy and quite sweet. The best season for “NIITAKA-nashi” is from the beginning of October.
   NIITAKA-nashi are sold as luxury fruit at supermarkets and fruit shops. But if you don’t mind bruised fruit, you might find it in some local grocery stores at an affordable price. Try “NIITAKA-nashi” this fall!
Taken from vol.18 PDF

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