Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves Festival

Autumn Leaves Festival with maple
trees and flowers in the back

   It is October already….the fall season has arrived! We can see that many maple trees have turned red on the streets outside; it is very beautiful. Also, it is a great time to go out and look for something fun to do!

   One of the things I highly recommend to do is to go and experience the Autumn Leaves Festival.

   Autumn Leaves Festival is the biggest festival of all in Gohoku, it is held at Hodono Green Park (approximately 80 minutes away from Ino JR station by car) on November 13th from 10:00 am to 15:30 pm.

Kids’ show. There are many heroes from the

   This year, there will be many fun things to do like kids show, Japanese-style drums/dance performance, magic show, local music bands and famous singer, Yoko Kon’s special live! I think people at all age can enjoy it together!

People catching rice cakes from the
top of the stage.

   Also I suggest everyone to experience rice cake catching! In this tradition,  Japanese people would throw large amounts of rice cakes from the top of high places and the people below would catch it. The rice cake tradition is done during festivals like these as well as for house warming when moving into a new home, etc. You would be very lucky if you were able to see one of the rice cake tradition! You can even compete with friends and family on the amount of rice cakes you can get!

Playland for kids. The famous one is giant
flying squirrel’s playground steep slope slide.
   There are also playgrounds for kids that include slides, suspension bridge, and etc. You must try the giant flying squirrel’s playground slide. The slide is on a very steep slope, it’s very thrilling!

   One of the most spectacular actvity in this festival is that people can get on the helicopter for sightseeing (fees do apply)! Once airborne you are able to see a beautiful waterfall and many maple trees in the mountains. You won’t regret it!
Sightseeing flight by helicopter. 
A waterfall and other beautiful sceneries
can been seen from the sky!

   Last but not least, explore the foods! There will be tons of homemade food made by the local people. Please come to the festival and enjoy the fall time in Gohoku!

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